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It's photoshoot time again on Maui and the windsurfing board and sail makers are out at Hookipa getting the photos of 2010 gear you'll be seeing in the magazines soon. In this episode we see lots of new Neil Pryde, North and Naish gear on display by Robby Naish, Kai Lenny, Klaas Voget, Victor Fernandez and more.

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Fuerteventura WipeOuts

What an event. We've never seen such large waves trash so many professional windsurfers in the Canaries.

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The 2009 edition of the ISWC Speedworldcup Rulebook is online, and we want to draw your attention on the most important changes.

1. We are using the same base factors for the events (factor 3 for worlds, factor 2 for continentals and factor 1 for national events).
For pricemoney events a factor of 1.0 is added, as well as for events with provisional timing and information about the current standing for riders and spectators. If both conditions apply, a factor of 1.5 is added. This shall encourage organizers to put price money and/or to invest in infrastructure and better services for the competitors, but also enables us to discover new venues with changing wind directions, where traditional land-based timing is not possible.

2. We have introduced a minimum participation level for national events of 10 competitors to be included in the world ranking.

3. The maximum number of competitors in world and continental championship events is 60 on a 500m course and 45 on a 250m course.
This is to ensure better conditions for the sailors on high class events. The seeding will be based on the current world ranking.

4. The following riders are qualified by default for major events: top
5 worlds, top 5 production worlds, continental champions, plus top 5 from the current GPSSS 500m ranking.

5. Due to this limitation of starting slots the fines for no-shows have been changed. the default fine for a no-show is 50 Euro, for the top 20/6 (men/women) it is 100 Euro, for the top 10/4 it is 200 Euro, and for the top 5/2 it is 400 Euro. It is so easy to inform us in time that you cannot participate and then we can give your starting slot to another interested competitor. Please be fair !

6. From 2009 on there is no WSSRC commissioner present on the events by default. The records are so high and the chance for a new record during competiton so small, that the costs for WSSRC supervision are not reasonable.

7.For the 2009 world ranking, each riders individual results count, up to a maximum of 50% of the total number of events in 2009.

SOURCE: Speed World Cup

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Tomahawk Foils

At this year’s RYA Volvo Dinghy Show, Weymouth-based Tomahawk Foils will unveil its Tomahawk foil, the surface running, ventilated hydrofoil it has invented and patented for both sailing and powered water craft.

The foil has been fitted to a windsurfer on display in the Palm Court and can also be seen on the Ovington Boats’ concept dinghy on Stand C88.

The foil’s inventor, Jonathan Howes explains the concept: “It’s a totally new type of hydrofoil that solves many of the problems inherent in conventional foil designs.

The ventilated design has features that give a wide operating speed range without moving parts and exceptional tolerance to rough water, making the windsurfer simpler, more versatile and easier to sail”

The concept uses subtle upper-surface shaping to provide progressive changes in lift force with increasing speed in a similar way to an aircraft’s wing flaps but without any moving parts.

This means that the windsurfer lifts on to the foils at a very low speed but automatically corrects for higher speeds, giving smooth performance throughout the speed range.

Ventilated surface running allows the foil to move in and out of waves with minimal impact on foiling performance and gives speed potential without sudden changes in handling due to uncontrolled ventilation or cavitation.

Not only does it fully exploit the concept’s forgiving characteristics, but a windsurfer fitted with the hydrofoil still behaves like a normal windsurfer.

The design has been tested, developed and refined by well-known, Weymouth sailor and dinghy manufacturer, Linton Jenkins.

He says: “The Tomahawk foil makes windsurfing enjoyable, fast, and refreshing. I’ve never had such fun windsurfing!”

SOURCE: Tomahawk Foils
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11 days ago the first Fuerte Wave Classic 2009 came to an end. The conditions were extreme. Many pictures and videos delivered a proof and even local Jürgen Hönscheid wrote a little report, how risky the conditions in Puertito were. Check the link: A warned witness eye
CONTINENTSEVEN asked Boujmaa Guilloul, Thomas Traversa, Dario Ojeda & Jonas Ceballos, how dangerous the conditions in Puertito were out of their view and if they could compare it with the conditions on Cabo Verde earlier this year. Read their enthusiastic answers and check out the pics!

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From Starboard's site:
On a recent visit to Thailand, it was a great time to catch up with Jean Jacque Deboichet.

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Ricardo pushes his 3,7 to the max at his favorite jumping spot Pozo Izquerdo on Gran Canaria filmed during the 2007 & 2008 PWA World Cup.
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Photo: John Carter/PWA

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Sunrise Sunset 2009 will be an opportunity for windsurfers, kitesurfers, speedsailors and other sailors throughout the UK, and possibly overseas, to get on the water at their own sailing location and raise money for a common cause being cancer-related education, support and research.

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Conventional windsurfing fins have a symmetrical rigid profile in order to produce the same lift when sailing either at a starboard or portside course. This is a compromise with considerable limitations of fin performance !

New fins of SmartFins however use a patented technology, which allows the fin to adjust itself automatically to the ideal cambered profile under the influence of the water pressure.

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courtesy azuldeultramar !

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Uncle Robby on the Rocks

Robby Naish still rips at Hookipa and proves that everyone spends some time on the rocks at Hookipa.

See the video here
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A very big Friday in FWC !

Do you like this soundtrack ? Look behind.

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I found this link on beachtelegraph. What a wonderful pics (clarklittlephotography)!

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Tanks to Epic Session to show us the asymetrical fins test.

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